About EWPD

The Ethiopian Women for Peace and Development, created by concerned Ethiopian women residing in the United States, believes that the Ethiopian people must be freed from the vicious cycle of poverty, war, and famine. Without a just peace and stability the country will not develop economically; thus, this vicious cycle of poverty, famine and death will continue. We believe that any effort to help reduce poverty and deal with the endemic health crises will not succeed unless there is peace and democracy in the country.

Throughout history, women around the world have stood for peace, equality, and justice. Ethiopian women have played important roles in the economic, political and social development of their country and have had significant impacts. They have struggled for economic development in the absence of equal opportunity for women. They have created support systems for each other through the traditional forms of organizations such as “mahber “and ‘edir”. It is in their spirit that we have organized the EWPD.

The Ethiopian Women for Peace and Development (EWPD) is a non-governmental organization and is not affiliated with any political organization or group within or outside of Ethiopia. It is a peace and human rights organization. Even though we are an independent organization, we will work with other organizations on issues that are within our goals and mission. Such issues include women’s social, political and economic issues as well as human rights and peace. We will also work with all organizations when they propose peaceful means to resolve the country’s political problems that might bring a lasting peace in Ethiopia.

Following are our positions on issues that relate to peace and development in Ethiopia.


We are opposed to war and believe that peaceful means should be used for conflict resolutions and reconciliations. We believe in tolerance for differing views and opinions. We especially urge any circumstances that might lead to armed struggle should be discouraged. To establish a peaceful and stable country, the rights of all people must be respected.


The Ethiopian Women for Peace and Development uphold the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We also recognize and promote the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, referred to as the Banjul Charter, adopted in 1981. Article 2 of the Banjal Charter specifically stresses the respect of individuals’ rights and freedom as recognized and guaranteed in the Charter regardless of race, ethnic group, color, sex, language, religion, political or any other opinion, national and social origin, fortune, birth or others. In the past, government and political organizations have abused the democratic rights of the Ethiopian people. We aspire for the establishment of a true democratic government that respects the diversity of the Ethiopian people. The Ethiopian people must have unlimited and unrestricted access to information that will help them determine their choice in government. Hence, free speech, press and freedom to organize should not be considered privileges, but fundamental rights.

Equality and Justice
Everyone in Ethiopia regardless of gender, religion or ethnicity should have an equal right to participate in the political, economic and social development of their country. We believe in the unity of Ethiopia with democracy and equality for all of its citizens.

Similar to many other countries in the world, Ethiopia has oppressed women. We strongly oppose the cultural, economic, and political subjugation of women. EWPD will support organization that try to improve the civil, religious, political, and economic rights of women.

The Ethiopian people have suffered immensely from unjust rules. The constitution of the country should uphold the international laws of human rights and justice. The right to due process of law is fundamental to creating a just and democratic society. The establishment of a just society is the right of all Ethiopian people.


We strongly believe that Ethiopia has the potential to feed itself and not be a dependent country. Development projects that include women are of special interest to our organization. Accordingly, EWPD will raise funds to help grassroots women’s projects aiming to bring viable economic development to their communities.

EWPD will work with Ethiopian women living in the Washington Metropolitan area by providing information and referral service to empower them with resources to meet their own economic needs and build a strong community. EWPD is committed to matters that will develop and strengthen the Ethiopian community, promote our culture, and enhance the support systems. We feel a strong Ethiopian community, anywhere in the world, is a strong power to foster peace, democracy, and development in Ethiopia.


Full membership is open to all Ethiopian women who have attained eighteen years of age and support the purposes of the organization as outlined in its charter
Associate membership is open to male Ethiopians, non-Ethiopian individuals of either gender, families or organizations that support the purposes of the organization as outlined in its charter.


Ethiopian women who are members of Ethiopian Women for Peace and Development and who accept the charter of this organization may form a branch organization of EWPD.

EWPD is a non-profit organization established in the District of Columbia in July 1991, under the former name of Ethiopian women for Peace, Development, and Humanitarian Aid (EWPDHA)